Oasis of the Seas
   The Largest cruise ship of the World

Oasis of the Seas ship   The cruise ship like Oasis of the Seas is in need of strong and reliable engine for moving the ship around the oceans and also needs of a lot of power for all the entertainments on board. This is the reason for the shipbuilders to need of quality engine and energy producer. The main engines of the ship are 6 diesel engines - 3 x Wartsila 16-cylinder engines, which are giving 24,290 hp each and 3 x Wartsila 12-cylinder engines, which are giving 18,590 hp each.

   All engines and diesel common rail and having total heavy fuel oil consumption of 2,400 gallons per hour. Large part of about 97,020 kW from these main engines goes into power for electricity for the hotel part, just like lights, electronics, elevators, galleys, water treatment plant and other systems, which are used for the operation of the vessel and propulsion. The propulsion is provided by three "Azipods" with total power of 20,000 kW. They are ABB's brand of azimuth thrusters, which are situated in the stern and contain electric motor, which is driving the 6.00 m propeller.

   They technology used in propellers allow them to be rotatable, which ensure the maneuverability of the vessel. The cruise ship Oasis of the Seas, has no need of rudder, because of the rotatable propellers. The docking of the ship is quite hard job, because of the measurements, but constructors, installed 4 x strong bow thrusters in tunnels, to make this easy. The bow thrusters have power of 7,380 hp each, which is quite high power for maneuvering.

  The cruise ship is really amazing in design and engineering, because of the large measurements. It is quite hard to make such large ship to sail over the world, under engine power. On board of the cruise ship are used newest and most modern technologies. This is making the ship real action of world engineering. The rotatable propellers is the technology, which is not used in cargo shipping and even not on most of cruise ships, because of the higher cost and lower efficiency, mostly because of the shorter life of the system. Together with this, the large cruise ship engine, is causing the problem of its measurements. The engineers decided to decrease the size and optimize the parts of the main engine Wartsila. This is hard job, but really now they started new generation in shipbuilding and engines. This is may be the most modern ship of the world, so it really is quite interesting in designer point of view.

 Oasis of the Seas
Interesting Facts
 Ship Facts

   Lenght: 360 .00 m
   Beam: 47.00 m
   Height: 65.00 m
   Draft: 9.00 m
   Gross Tonnage : 225,285 m.t.
   Passengers: 5,400
   Crew: 2,165
   Decks: 16
   Engine: Wartsila
   Power: 128,640 hp
   Speed: 20.3 kn
   Built: 2009
   Shipyard: STX Europe, Turku
   Price: 1.5 billion USD


Oasis of the Seas

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Oasis of the Seas


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