Oasis of the Seas
   The Largest cruise ship of the World

Oasis of the Seas  The vessel Oasis of the Seas is the largest cruise ship built ever. The vessel has capacity for more than 5,400 passengers, amazing design and very luxury interior. In any case the launching of Oasis of the Seas brough large interest in all fans of cruise ships and cruises. The cruise ship Oasis of the Seas has overall length of 360.00 meters and beam of 47.00 meters. The vessel has height of 65.00 meters and draft of 9.00 meters. The ship has really large measurements and improved design, high quality service and comfortable accommodations.

  These measurements are amazing, but the cruise ship is even more beautiful and more luxury then you can imagine. On board the guests will be able to see thematical interior, seven different neighborhoods and many great entertainments. The ship is the most popular vessels of the world. Oasis of the Seas is 5 times larger than the famous Titanik and has a price of 1.5 billion USD. The cruise ship ship Oasis of the seas is property of the US company for luxury cruises Royal Caribbean and is the pearl of theits fleet. The cruise ships of Royal Caribbean are the largest and most luxury in the world of cruise shipping.

  Many journalists call this vessel "sailing resort", but actually Oasis of the seas is even much more. The cruise ship is the most beautiful, most luxury and of course the largest vessel built ever. And this is not enough, because from Royal Caribbean filled the ship is thousands of different entertainments. Their purpose is to show that cruise is active way of having rest, not well known passive moving from one destination to another.

  The architects and the designers of the largest cruise ship had a lot of ideas of different attractions and facilities, sothey needed a large vessel to relize everything in one ship. On board of the ship there are climbing walls, playgrounds for basketball and football, children's carousel with hand-made wooden animals, indoor ice rink, a market street with cafes and bars, a park with 12 000 live trees and plants, two pools for surfing. On the stern there is a swimming pool surrounded by an amphitheater where performances are exported - diving and synchronized swimming. In any case Oasis of the seas is a place for entertainments, so the guests on board will be impressed by many programs, facilities and attractions. One of the bars of the vessel moves between three decks as an elevator and others are also quite attractive, with sea-views and beautiful interior design. The ship has 16 passenger decks, more than 24 places for dining and 42 elevators. Even telling these values the fans of cruise ships will be impressed and can easily understand the beauty of Oasis of the seas.

  And when we are describing such large and luxury cruise ships, definitely we should mention the engine room, which is making cruises with this ship really amazing and comfortable. The cruise ship Oasis of the Seas has main engine Wartsila, which is providing total power of 128,540 hp (in comparison this is more than 120 cars Bugatti Veyron). The cruise ship has maximum speed of 23.7 knots, while the cruising speed is 20.3 knots.

  This is the luxury cruise ship "Oasis of the Seas", and on this page you can find much more specifications and pictures of the vessel. Learn everything, which you may want to know about the vessel and see the most impressive videos of the ship.

 Oasis of the Seas
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